Vaccines Adjuvants Market Analysis

The vaccine adjuvants market is dependent on different factors like, product type, disease type, application type, etc. The major causes that drive the growth of this market are widespread of infectious and zoonotic diseases, increasing concern on immunization programs, and growing demands of improved and long-lasting immunization against diseases. Based on the product type, the vaccine adjuvants market is classified into adjuvant emulsions, pathogen components, combination adjuvants, particulate adjuvants, and others. On the basis of the type of disease, the vaccine adjuvants market is classified into infectious diseases, cancer, and others. The infectious diseases segment is expected to have the largest share of the global market in 2016. Based on applications, the market is classified into research and commercial applications. Growth in these segments are influenced by factors such as increasing initiatives by government bodies and companies, ongoing research projects on new adjuvants, increasing incidences of zoonotic diseases, and growing usage of many vaccine adjuvants commercially. Based on the application categories, the market is classified into human vaccine adjuvants and veterinary vaccines adjuvants.

  • Hepatitis Vaccines
  • Influenza Vaccines
  • HIV Vaccines and Therapeutics
  • Adjuvants for DNA Immunisation
  • Cancer Vaccine Adjuvants
  • Vaccines Business
  • Immunogenic Proteins
  • Shelf-life of Adjuvants

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