Vaccine Development

Developing a vaccine against several diseases remains a challenge.  Several vaccine candidates are in clinical stages of development. The pre-clinical development stage is the first step to identify a vaccine candidate that determines a vaccine’s ultimate safety profile. Phase I trials is the stage where the researchers test the candidate vaccine for the first time in humans to evaluate its safety, safe dosage range, and vaccine-related side effects. Phase II trials is the stage where the candidate vaccine is administered to a larger group of people for the evaluation of its immunogenicity and safety. The goal of phase III is to conduct a large-scale safety and efficacy study on a relevant patient population. It is really very complex to market a new vaccine and once it has been marketed, pharmacovigilance activities take place in order to conduct a strict safety supervision of that vaccine.

  • Product Development for Vaccines
  • HIV Vaccine Research
  • Polymeric Nanoparticle Delivery
  • Approaches to Mucosal-Vaccines
  • Global Vaccine
  • Surveillance, Assessment and Monitoring
  • Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP)
  • Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

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